The average cost for savings as an owner-builder using UBuildIt’s services is 23%!

“Saving 25% or more on construction costs can make home ownership available to an  additional 10% of U.S. households or about 11 million families as well as nicer homes  being available to a wider group of families.”  The average cost for savings as an owner-builder using UBuildIt’s services is 23%.

Below please read about one of our very satisfied clients.

Dear Robert:

John got promoted (which is good I guess) but we have to move to Atlanta GA – The good news is THANK GOD we used UBuildIt and not a builder to build the house. Because of the market we are in now we are going to be lucky to sell and make much, but had we used a builder we would be under water! Our house is on the market for $319,900 (it appraised for $365,000 a year and a half ago) so with the cost to build, the land and the realtor fee’s we are hoping to make a little something– BUT AGAIN, if we had used a builder (they wanted I think 280,000 to 320,000 to build the house without brick !) then add the land, and whewwww, we would be sunk ! :) SO WE ARE VERY THANKFUL FOR YOU AND UBUILD-IT !

We can’t find anything in Atlanta to compare to our house!

Well, I hope you are doing good and staying busy !! Thanks again, feel free to keep on sending anyone who needs a reference my way!

Cindy Hart

Saved $15 – $17k with UBuildIt!

Hey Robert –

We have moved in and closed on the house.  Everything is great.  We ended up with a loan of $215,000.  The house had originally appraised for $320,000 on paper and we did not have to have another one completed in order to close.  We came out with  $105,000 of equity right off the bat and about $15,000 – $17,000 under the budget on the spreadsheet.

Let me know if you want to come by one evening and see the finished project.  I would recommend U Build It to anyone – it was a great experience and really put us ahead financially.

Thanks for all you and Hart did to make this happen!

Crystal Rentz

Happy Clients


I just watched the Channel 7 video…..and it was great! It made me want to GET STARTED on our house!!

You guys are really getting a lot of publicity lately. I have heard quite a few people mention the UBuildIt name….and I know that we have mentioned it to numerous people ourselves. You may have to hire more help at this rate! :o)

I am really glad we are working with you and Hart. So far the experience has been exceptional.

Thanks so much!

UBuildIt Greenville Receives National Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                     Contact:  Jennifer Raditz

 UBuildIt Greenville Receives National Award

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. (November, 2008) – UBuildIt®, a construction consulting company located in Greenville was recognized at the annual convention of UBuildIt franchise owners held in Seattle, Washington.  The Greenville office, which services clients throughout the Upstate, was ranked second among all UBuildIt offices in the nation.  Robert Raditz, UBuildIt Greenville owner, was present to accept the award.  Franchise owners are recognized annually based on several factors including volunteerism with other franchise partners and the total value of client projects.

About UBuildIt

Founded in 1988, UBuildIt is the nation’s leading company of residential construction consultants, helping owner-builders plan and build or remodel their homes. UBI currently has franchises in 30 states.  More than 9,000 homes have been completed with combined construction project costs totaling more than $1.2 billion.  The company provides step-by-step advice and on-site visits, a list of qualified subcontractors and suppliers, and partnerships with national suppliers and financial services providers.

Located at 439 Congaree Road, the Greenville office is the company’s third South Carolina franchise.  Owner, Robert Raditz, is a Greenville resident.

More information is available at or by calling the Greenville office at 864.676.1113.